How To Keep Your Immune System Strong With Homeopathy This Winter

September 01, 2017
The Influenza A virus which is the virus causing flu is constantly mutating making it difficult for scientists to come up with a permanent solution to eradicate the virus altogether.   Some of us are lucky and get through winter time without getting a cold but others get recurrent flu during this time which can debilitate them right through winter.  In most cases it would start with a virus and if your immune system is not strong enough to fight it off, it may develop into a secondary bacterial infection.  There is another way to solve this problem, and that is to concentrate on making the immune system as strong as possible so that when you are targeted by the virus you can fight it off.  This is where Homeopathic medicine is helpful by assisting the immune system to gently, with no harmful effects to your body, but also powerfully strengthen the immune system.   Homeopathy is an alternative medicinal system that was discovered in 1783 by Dr Sameul Hahneman.  It has been with us for many centuries and has time and again proven itself to be effective and has helped millions of people over the decades.  There will be a Homeopathic Flu Remedy available at the clinic from 13 May which consists of:
·   Selected ingredients targeting the typical symptoms of flu – fever, fatigue, muscle aches, headaches and respiratory symptoms like a sore throat and coughing.
·   Anti-viral ingredients specially selected for the flu strain of this year
This Flu Remedy has many benefits:
·   It can be used as a preventative means
·   It can be used when flu symptoms start – therefore will immediately start to fight with the immune system against the flu
·   It will at the same time build up the immune system
·   It is a pure formulation with no added metals, chemicals or active flu strains
·   It has no side effects
·   It has anti-viral properties
Always remember to keep a good quality Vitamin C at home, as Vitamin C is also a powerful anti-viral.  Other herbal substances and supplements to consider having at home this winter:
·   Echinacea
·   Zinc
·   Garlic
·   Andrographis
The secret is to immediately when you have flu symptoms starting, whether it is just a mild cough or feeling of tiredness, to take your Vitamin C, Zinc and possibly Flu Remedy.  Always drink enough water when you are sick and try to get enough bed rest.  Sitting in early morning and later afternoon sunshine will also be beneficial to your immune system.
Always consult your healthcare practitioner before self-medicating.