Make A Difference

Make a meaningful difference to lives

Join a hand-picked team of practitioners who support one another and genuinely care about their patients. We work as a close-knit team to treat the underlying cause of issues – not just the obvious symptoms. That way, the return of our patients’ health is swifter and longer-lasting… helping them feel better, for life.

Our Clinic Management Team

A photo of Julia Tyack, a chiropractor at Tyack Health Manly West and Sunshine Coast
Julia Tyack

Clinic Founder


In 1968, Julia founded Tyack Health. She’d decided to alter the status quo of the health care system – change was needed. But like all things health related, it took a little time…

A photo of Joel Tyack, the CEO of Tyack Health
Joel Tyack



As CEO, Joel is our anchor. He’s passionate about making integrated health care the norm, instead of the exception and ensuring that Tyack Health leaves a positive lasting impact on people’s lives.

A photo of Jenny Honeyman, the business manager of Tyack Health
Jenny Honeyman

Business Manager


Being organised, flexible and big picture thinking are definite must-haves, in Jenny’s role as our Business Manager. And she nails them all. Every. Single. Day. But her biggest buzz, comes from hearing patient success stories.

The Wynnum Manly Tyack Health carpark

All our practitioners are in one welcoming, serene location

They’re specifically selected – not just for their skills – but for the care and interest they take in patients… as a person and their situation. For us, the true issue is not just their immediate problem, but the years ahead of them. We actively encourage patients to take control of their recovery, as well as build a lifestyle that contributes to an active, healthy future.

A group of students looking at something while taking notes on their laptops

The essence of this group is to share interesting articles, research and information, and upcoming courses which may be of interest to the members of the group.

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The essence of this group is to share interesting articles, research and information, and upcoming courses which may be of interest to the members of the group.

A collage of images showing Tyack Health's bicycle team

Giving back is part of how we do business

Service to others is one of life’s greatest joys. We’re always looking for ways to help, solve problems and make a difference in people’s lives. For us, it’s not just part of being a good neighbour or community member, it’s rooted in founding beliefs and values.

The Ethiopiaid logo, with the 'ethopi' text being white on a green background and the 'aid' text being inverted of the first
Ethiopi Aid Foundation

Here at Ethiopiaid Australia, we're all about enabling people to change their lives. Ethiopiaid Australia is a not-for-profit charity raising funds for our trusted community partners in Ethiopia. Our approach is different - we form partnerships with grassroots organisations known for their expertise and ambition, who implement approved projects that address maternal health, FGM and women's empowerment, education and poverty reduction.

The World Vision logo, black text on a white background with a white star on an orange background in the top right corner
World Vision

A better and fairer world for children – especially the most vulnerable. Right now, we're making it happen. With supporters here, and with communities around the world. Are you with us? While extreme poverty is steadily declining, there are still too many children without access to life’s essentials. Essentials like safe water, education, and good health and nutrition. Our long-term goal is to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of 20 million children by 2021.

The Doctors Without Borders logo, white text on black background
Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières is the world’s leading independent organisation for medical humanitarian aid. Every day 30,000 Médecins Sans Frontières field staff are providing assistance to people caught in crises around the world. We have offices in 19 countries supporting these teams, including our office in Sydney. Every year nearly two hundred Australians and New Zealanders are sent to and supported in the field by Médecins Sans Frontières Australia.

A female teacher drawing with a group of children in a classroom
Local Community Support

Tyack Health is passionate about supporting our local community and we do this by assisting local schools, sports clubs and kindy’s with fundraising activities. We also support local vocational training colleges and Universities with educational tours of our facilities.

The University of Queensland's logo, a crest with the words 'The University of Queensland' to the left of it
Queensland Brain Institute Discovery Research Endowment Fund

Tyack Health is delighted to have the opportunity to donate to The University of Queensland’s – “Not If, When” Campaign to Create Change. We are supporting the Queensland Brain Institute Discovery Research Endowment Fund. This fund supports the students, researchers and academics as they strive to create positive change in our community, Australia and the world. To see examples of how our donation has already made a difference and learn what else can be achieved together, please click to find out more.