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A photo of Andrea Randall, a remedial massage therapist at Tyack Health Manly West

Fluent Moves

Are you tired of being tight, sore and stiff for no obvious reason? Don’t just assume it’s just because you are getting older, it has more to do with our modern lifestyle and can be reversed. If movement feels constrained and you have lost your natural youthful range of movement it is time to do something about it before it gets any worse.

Fluent Moves Classes are fun, interactive and a more cost effective way to learn how to understand what is happening within your body and how to free up your fascia to feel young and supple once more.

Fluent Moves classes are a collaboration of work from Essential Somatics, Fascial Fitness, Mary Bond and Blandine Callaise-Germain. The classes were designed to allow people of any ability to find more comfort in their body in their daily life. With emphasis on body awareness and smooth movement, Fluent Moves practices thoughtful and reflexive movements to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Andrea Randall - Your Instructor

Andrea Randall is a Structural Integration Therapist, Musculoskeletal Therapist, Somatics Coach and Fascial Fitness Trainer. Andrea has trained with Mary Bond, specialising in working with feet and Blandine Callaise-Germain, specialising in working with the rib cage. Andrea’s understanding of how the fascial and nervous systems work in movement allows her to help you identify patterns of movement that are restricting you and guide you to create fluent moves.

Introductory, Intermediate and advance classes are available. Call Tyack Health reception to find out when the next appropriate class is starting. Bookings are essential. Ph: 3249 5333

Class Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $20 / class
What to wear: Comfortable clothing

It is important to learn the basics at the four introductory weekly classes.

All materials are provided. A pack can be purchased for $40.

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Bike Fit

About the Bike Fit

I am a Chiropractor with over 10 years of clinical experience managing musculoskeletal conditions and athletic injuries.  As a life-long cyclist and student of the human body, I will analyse the bio-mechanics of your cycling position with the aim of eradicating areas of pain/discomfort and preventing future injuries.

I ain to offer a dynamic solution to improving your functionality and long-term cycling performance, allowing you to cycle in a more comfortable, efficient way, no matter your cycling level.

What to Expect

  • A detailed off-bike physical and neurological examination to determine joint ranges of motion, potential unilateral weaknesses and/or limb length discrepancies.
  • On-bike analysis on a stationary trainer to assess joint angles, pedaling efficiency and aberrant movement patterns.
  • Optional follow up assessment after 1-3 weeks to discuss results and fine-tune position.


Initial Consultation (90 mins)  $125

Optional Follow Up Consultation (45 mins)  $75

Please bring your bike and cycling shoes and wear cycling shorts/tights and cycling top/singlet/sports bra.

All services are eligible for private health rebate.  Please phone reception on 3249 5333 to make your Bike Fit appointment.