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What is it?

Podiatry is another term for chiropody. This modality focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of conditions and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limbs. Treatment and prevention of corns, calluses and warts are also common podiatric procedures.

Podiatrists play an important role in maintaining the mobility of many elderly and disabled people, those having problems with gait or walking and those living with diabetes or other circulatory problems.

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How does it work, to heal you?

Podiatrists undertake a complete system of assessment before recommending any treatment. They utilise varying techniques, which depend on the individual’s requirements.  However, the overall goal is to resolve symptoms and maintain the foot function by achieving the best structural posture. 

Your treatment program will take into account the nature of your condition and your own personal commitments and lifestyle, to ensure it provides you with the best possible outcome.

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Why are we different?

Most podiatry patients don’t know what’s wrong with their feet. However, in our experience, some clinics appear to operate on the theory that almost everyone could benefit from orthotics and that you need expensive shoes that fit the orthotics. We disagree.

Aside from the unnecessary outlay, poor outcomes can often be experienced, because the underlying cause of the issue has not been adequately addressed. Problematic orthotics (unnecessary ones or not) can also alter the positioning of the hips and spine. These changes potentially result in replacing your foot pain, with back pain.

The latest research doesn’t support this blanket approach to the use of orthotics and neither do our podiatrists. While there are foot conditions that do benefit from orthotics, it’s the minority that actually need them. Our motto is, “orthotics, a last resort”.

With proper functional assessment and a blend of exercise based interventions, simple shoe wedges (that only cost a few dollars) and some sound advice about appropriate shoes (Please note: we don’t sell shoes and have no vested interest in the ones we recommend) many seemingly complex foot issues, can be resolved inexpensively and with excellent long term outcomes.

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While you’re with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Friendly, warm and helpful receptionists
  • Experienced Podiatrist
  • Individualised holistic care
  • Complementary tea and coffee
  • Minimal waiting times
  • Fully equipped rehab gym for when required
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Podiatric serives available:

Problems with your feet can impact enormously on the way you move and ultimately how much you enjoy life.  Our podiatrists adopt state of the art techniques to address the specific needs of the individual and can help with a range of conditions:

  • Flat feet
  • Paediatrics
  • Orthotics
  • Ingrown toenails
  • In-toeing/out-toeing
  • General foot pain
  • Knock knees and bow legs
  • Growing pains: Sever’s Osgood-Schlatters
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • General foot care
  • Diabetic assessment and care
  • Workplace footwear
  • Footwear advice

Grace Chiketa

Podiatrist - BPod (Hons)

When considering a career, Grace knew she wanted to work with people and wanted to be able to make a real difference. She discovered her passion for Podiatry during her work experience at a hospital while in high school. She found focusing on foot and leg health issues to be the most appealing, as it allowed her to interact with a diverse range of people and she could achieve a noticeable improvement for patients. Grace has also gained valuable experience in Aged Care and is dedicated to making a positive impact on her patients' lives by helping them achieve their health goals. 


Bridget Hayward

BPod (Distinction)

Bridget thrives on helping people by problem-solving collaboratively with her patients.  She enjoys the complexity that podiatry entails and appreciates its wide scope of practice.  Bridget’s passion is rewarded by the feeling that she is making a real world difference for her patients, and sharing her knowledge with others in order to gain positive outcomes and build relationships.  

A podiatrist massaging a foot of a patient


Initial Consultations
If you have not seen our Podiatrist before, or if you have a new problem, your first visit will be a comprehensive consultation.  We cater for extra time, if needed, to fully assess your condition and ensure you receive the most effective treatment possible.
If you are being screened for a particular injury or biomechanical condition, it is a good idea to bring with you an example of two pairs of shoes you wear on a regular basis to help assist the Podiatrist with their diagnosis.

Each comprehensive consultation consists of a detailed discussion regarding your symptoms and mechanism of injury, assessment of your posture and analysis of foot function.  Once a diagnosis has been reached, treatment options will be discussed and carried out – keep in mind that you are a key player in the management of your condition.

Standard Consultations
Standard follow-up appointments with your podiatrist include discussion on progress since the previous appointment and implementation of a long term treatment plan including footwear advice.

Nail Surgery
Our Podiatrists offer effective treatment for ingrown toenails, including nail surgery.  Please book an appointment to assess the cause and severity of your condition, then we can recommend the best treatment plan, and advise relevant costs.

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Post Consultation

At Tyack Health the Podiatrist is here to assist your complete recovery from your foot and ankle condition.  We believe that your care continues after you have left your appointment.  You are a valued patient and will continue to be nurtured back to full health.  Follow-up appointments are sometimes recommended so we can continue to review your condition and suggest modifications until your condition fully improves.

As a patient of Tyack Health’s Podiatry Department, you are invited to phone and speak directly with your practitioner concerning any treatment-related questions you may have.  If the Podiatrist is unable to attend your call, all efforts will be made to contact you as soon as possible.


KeryFlex Cosmetic Toenails

Unlock the Beauty of Healthy Toenails!

Are you suffering from unsightly toenails? Grace, our expert podiatrist, has the solution you've been looking for! Introducing Keryflex – the revolutionary antifungal, nonporous product that will provide the optimum cosmetic transformation your toenails, restoring confidence and comfort.


The KeryFlex Process (watch youtube video here)

Grace, our skilled podiatrist, specialises in the application of KeryFlex. Here's what you can expect during your visit:

Consultation: Grace will assess your toenails and discuss your goals.

KeryFlex Application: Grace will skilfully apply KeryFlex, moulding it to create a natural nail appearance.

Natural Beauty: Walk out with beautiful, natural-looking toenails that boost confidence!

Nail Polishing: You can choose your favourite nail polish without worrying about damage.

Hours of Operation: Grace is available: Mon, Tue and Wed

Initial appointment

  • Standard 30minute appointment fee      $80
  • Kery-flex pack                                              $75
  • Application fee                                            $40 (per toe)

Follow up appointments

  • Standard 30minute appointment fee      $80
  • Application fee                                            $40 (per toe)


Contact Grace or reception on 3249 5333 to discuss your needs and schedule your KeryFlex appointment.

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Department Hours & Fees

Department Hours

Monday              7.30am - 3.00pm or alternate 7.00pm
Tuesday              8.30am - 6.30pm
Wednesday        7.30am - 5.00pm
Thursday            8.00am - 4.30pm
Friday                  8.00am - 4.00pm
Saturday             8.00am - 12.00pm alternate

Consultation Fees
Initial Consultation              $90
Standard Consultation       $80
EPC's Bulk-Billed       

Nail Surgery Fees - a quote will be provided following the initial assessment

$360  Nail Surgery with Matrix Sterilisation - single edge on one toe
$150  Nail Surgery with Matrix Sterilisation - single edge of an additional toe on same day
$70   Nail Surgery with Matrix Sterilisation - additional edge on the same toe


Cancellation Policy
We understand that life is unpredictable and you may not always be able to make your scheduled appointment. If you can’t make an appointment please contact our reception at least 24 hours prior to cancel or arrange for another time.

Missed appointments and appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice may be charged the full consultation fee.

Contact our Reception team on (07) 3249 5333 for further information.