What Matters to Us

You matter

That’s the long and short of it.

However, there are a few other things…


Why do we do, what we do, the way we do it?

In 1968, Julia Tyack founded Tyack Health. She’d decided to change the status quo – change was needed. But like all things health related, it took a little time…

Julia had realised that alone, she could do little to overcome the complexity of some health issues. The web was too tangled.  Treating patients by herself, there was some improvement, but she knew she needed a different approach, to get the results her patients needed.


What changed?  She discovered the power of using the right team, working together, in the right ways.

When patient problems were treated holistically, by a collective of highly skilled practitioners, the tangled web of health issues was more easily unraveled and quickly resolved.

Tyack Health now provides integrated, evidence-based treatment. We provide an in-depth treatment experience to our patients, that’s focused on outcomes. Our entire team aims to achieve faster relief in fewer visits and to not only stabilise the problem, but prevent it from returning.


We’re different. And proud of it. We offer a one stop shop of quality health care in one convenient location. Our philosophy is grounded in treating the whole person, identifying the cause, not just treating the symptoms, and involving a team when required often at no extra cost to you. On that basis we stand apart. Resolutely.