Why Work With Us

Why You Should Consider Coming To Work With Us…

  • We are a proudly different, diverse, multi-modality clinic – this model of health care has been improved on for over 50 years and is highly sort after, so our practitioners are popular and busy.
  • We care about our team like family - being at Tyack Health feels like you’re ‘at home’ surrounded by good friends. We put a lot of time and energy into creating a great, safe, supportive work culture, free of toxic attitudes or individuals.
  • We’re all working to make a meaningful difference to patient lives – this work is very rewarding both personally and professionally
  • We care a lot about our patients – treating them as unique, valued individuals
  • We’re passionate about growing and learning as a team – this fun learning environment supports and encourages a co-learning work place with regular on-site team clinical case meetings, as an example.
  • We want to foster long-term engagement with our team – to truly develop a world class health team, that does not just happen overnight, when you truly love where you work and who you work with you never want to leave.
  • Everybody is on the same team - and it is all about achieving great patient outcomes

There’s more… you should also know we have four passions:

  1. Integrated holistic health care
  2. Treating the cause, not just the symptoms
  3. A team and culture proficient at providing world class health care
  4. Our values, purpose and vision

Tyack Health is passionate about keeping our environment healthy.  We recognise the significance the health of our environment plays, to improve the health of all humans and creatures on planet earth.

The Tyack Health facility at Manly West was designed by architect Greg Dunstan and Landscape Architect Chadwick Palmer, in keeping with the brief from the clinic founders and clinic team. Together, these stewards of environmentally responsible design, campaigned for two years to convince council town planners to allow the Tyack Health clinic to be built differently, to retain the natural beauty of the area and to allow it to be built on a paperbark swamp. It was imperative to the clinic team and architects that the trees and wildlife on the site be preserved and the ground water levels needed to sustain them were maintained. To achieve this, the design includes:     

  • Environmentally friendly hardwood timber car parks hand laid to preserve the tree roots and allow runoff rainwater to be retained in the soil rather than end up in storm water drains.
  • The building slab was one of the largest single span waffle pods in southeast Queensland at the time. This design reduces disturbance to the soil and allows the building to float on the swampy soil.
  • The walls of the main building, both internal and external, are Hebel (aerated concrete) which is clean, energy efficient and causes less building waste. It also has excellent acoustic properties so our consulting rooms are quiet, peaceful and private.
  • Most of the windows in the main building are recycled from a demolished Brisbane high rise and are double glazed for energy efficiency and excellent noise reduction for privacy.
  • The second building was also built to fit in around the trees and not disturb the soil or roots of the trees.
  • The building is 75% constructed from sustainable timber products.

In operating the clinic, we have a Tyack Health Eco Team who continually look at ways we can reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.  These initiatives include:

  • Recycling our printer cartridges
  • Recycling paper and cardboard
  • Recycling glass, plastic and metals
  • Water saving devices fitted to our water taps
  • Native drought resistant plants so we do not need to water
  • Compost bin for organic food waste – used to fertilise our gardens
  • Battery recycling program for business use and our staff home use
  • Air conditioning starting times staggered to limit peak energy loads
  • Refitting our buildings with energy efficient LED lights
  • E-waste recycling program