Discover How Cognitively Sharp You Are and How You Can Improve

June 08, 2018

We all forget things, so why is the biggest fear for most baby boomers cognitive decline?

It is natural for cognitive performance to gradually decline with age. However, if we neglect exercise, good nutrition, sleep, and using our brains productively, more severe cognitive issues can threaten our independence and quality of life in older age. None of us wants to think we might be heading for dementia, yet ignoring early warning signs will not change the outcome, and we lose the early intervention advantage to slow or even halt any further decline. According to the experts, most people experience some cognitive loss by age 60, with widespread declines by age 75 (Schaie, Willis, & Caskie, 2004).

The great news is there is now a fun interactive way we can assess our cognitive abilities and monitor how we are going year to year. Being proactive in understanding our level of cognitive health is a key step in making positive change. More and more research suggests that cognitive decline is affected by the choices we make—for example, we can choose between “use it or lose it”. We can all take steps to improve our cognition and maintain sharpness until the very end of our lives.

Improving our cognition is now easier with these simple yet effective tools to measure our baseline and track improvements year to year. This is thanks to a neuroscientist named Dr Adrian Owen who has dedicated his life to making this accurate understanding of our cognition available to people worldwide. 

The Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS) tests were developed in Dr Owen’s laboratory at Cambridge University. Currently, he holds the position of Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging ( Over the course of his 25-year career, he has developed tests to assess aspects of cognition including reasoning, memory, attention, and verbal ability. Over 300 scientific studies have been run to date using the CBS tests, yielding numerous publications in leading academic journals.  

Dr Adrian Owen’s tests are now incorporated in a service called CBS Health—a leading web-based platform for the assessment of cognitive function, used by healthcare clinics and practitioners to measure an individual’s cognitive health over time, and devise lifestyle strategies that are good for your brain.

If you are interested in these tests, complete with a report that shows your results relative to others in your age group, we have a special introductory offer of just $49.00 for a full 12-test assessment. These tests can be taken online in the quiet of your own home, at a time best for you. Following the completion of the assessment, we will then arrange a follow-up call to review and discuss your results over the phone or in person if prefered.

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