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Pesticide Detector for your Fruit and Vegetables

Unless you grow your own fruit and vegetables it is difficult to know what pesticides may be on them.  A lot of fruit and vegetables are now imported from the United States, Italy and China being the largest source of imports for Australia.


Fountain of Youth Workout Stops the Signs of Getting Older at Any Age

A new study published in March of 2017 in the academic journal Cell Metabolism, identifies one type of exercise that can actually help you stay looking, feeling, and functioning younger longer. The remarkable evidence from a growing volume of research proves you can actually work out less to achieve looking, and feeling younger, and lose weight.  


QUT Research Breakthrough gives Hope for Better Melanoma Treatment

The significance of this research is in gaining a better understanding about the way in which melanoma cells spread, opening up new pathways to treatment via drugs to ‘turn off’ the invasive gene.


Language Disorders as Serious as Obesity - a Looming Kids’ Health Crisis

Experts claim, the growing number of children with a language disorder is a public health crisis now as widespread as obesity. As high as 20% per cent of disadvantaged children and between 5% and 8% of children Australia-wide have a developmental language disorder according to The Murdoch Children's Research Institute.


Diagnosing and Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Numbness, weakness and tingling in the arms and legs are a common problem that can be caused by numerous different conditions. Some are related to the spine, or to metabolism such as diabetes, yet others are related to nerves in the limbs. At Tyack Health we have professionals on our team who can help each of these broad categories. Thankfully, conservative options exist. Quite often surgeries such as Carpal Tunnel Release can be avoided. The first step is to identify where the symptoms are coming from. Careful history and examination are very important. Sometimes tests need to be ordered such as MRI, Nerve Conduction or blood tests. There are also questions that you can answer by paying close attention to your symptoms at home. How long have you had the problem? This…


New Blood Pressure Invention

New Blood Pressure Invention Tricks the Body into Modulating Blood Pressure on its Own. | Tyack Health New Blood Pressure Invention Tricks the Body into Modulating Blood Pressure on its Own. - By Abigail Klein Leichman APRIL 27, 2017, 8:40 AM Hypertension is the leading cause of cardiovascular events including stroke, which occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or reduced. Worldwide, it’s estimated that one billion people have elevated blood pressure not adequately controlled by medication. A company called Vascular Dynamics, has developed a device called MobiusHD which is implanted inside the carotid artery, where it amplifies the signals sent to the artery’s baroreceptor nerves, prompting these nerves to alert the brain…



The Truth About Ice for Muscle Recovery

The Truth About Ice for Muscle Recovery By Tony Bonvechio, February 23, 2017 For many, it’s second nature to slap an ice pack or bag of frozen peas on an injury. It’s even likely your doctor recommended that you “RICE” an injury. This acronym that stands for “rest, ice, compression and elevation” has been the go-to post-injury prescription for nearly 40 years. But does ice really help the healing process? Believe it or not, there’s no existing research to show that it helps reduce inflammation or enhance healing of damaged tissues. In fact, in the British Journal of Sports Medicine…


Your Kids May Just Need a New Name or Game for Veggies

Only 1 in 20 Australians eat enough Fruit and veg daily according to the Australian health Survey 2012. That is just under 6% of the population getting the recommended 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables for adults. While kids need less serves depending on age they need to develop a habit and taste for enjoying vegies daily. It’s easy for kids to develop negative associations with vegies so it is important that parents find ways to change that.



Put on a few extra kilograms over the holiday season?

Check out our Dietitian’s 4 Week Kick Start to achieving a healthier version of you.


Behavioural Problems in Kids Highly Predictable With Less Sleep

New research suggests, Children who have relatively short night time sleep duration are at high risk for several externalizing behavioural problems. - Medscape Online



The Top 15 Happy Family Behaviors.

Common behaviors of a happy family:  


How Good Is Barefoot Running, Hype or Helpful?

There has been a lot of talk about barefoot running of late and with it a lot of confusion. This article will aim to answer some of the questions about barefoot running commonly asked. By Mandy Clarke, Podiatrist, Tyack Health


Understanding Hip, Buttock, and Thigh Pain That Is Often Worse At Night

While there can be many reasons and causes for pain in any area of the body by far the most common problem for pain, in the hip/buttock/thigh area, is Glut Med Tendinopathy.  Compression Syndromes are often worse at night and during some activities like walking up steps. By Julia Tyack, Practitioner and founder Tyack Health  



20 Habits That Successful People Share

The most successful people in the world work the hardest, are the most motivated, or just in the right place at the right time…correct? Not entirely.  



Your Body Changes Your Brain

Excerpt from Sarah Berry's article in The Age. The evidence is clear, our bodies can and do, change our brain. Norman Doidge, FRCP(C), is a Canadian-born psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and author. He shares how research into neuroplasticity is broadening what we know and how we can apply it to enhance our health and lives. Sarah Berry's article in the Age was based on an interview with Doidge to get some deeper insights into where this understanding was leading us.Doidge shares this case where he describes a remarkable brain work around. John Pepper, whose diagnosis of Parkinson's disease in his 30s, meant he struggled with the sorts of movements - like walking - that he previously took for granted. He took them for granted because the sorts of automatic movements that we do without having to…


How would a Near Death Experience change you?

This is drawn from Fr. Richard Rohr's lecture Dying: We Need it For Life - absolutely worth checking out. (And he drew this stuff from the research of Harvard prof Phillip L. Berman) So here are the repeatedly noted personality changes in people who've undergone a near-death experience - out-of body, or otherwise: 1. An amazing ability to live in the present. Most of us live in the two places where nothing ever happens: the past and the future. But the present is all we have. Every moment is a microcosm of the macrocosm. How you're doing whatever you're doing right now is probably how you do everything.  2. An abiding sense of deep confidence. The untransformed self is inherently insecure and destabilized. The true Self finds a strong and lasting confidence - a sense that things are…


How Furry Pets 'Enrich' Gut Bacteria Reducing Risk of Allergies in Infants

Reuters Health have published their results from a small, preliminary study looking at infants in households with furry pets. The finding was that these infants were found to share some of the animals' gut bacteria. This could possibly explain why early animal exposure may protect against some allergies, researchers say. In this study the infants' mothers had a known history of allergy, so the babies were considered at increased risk of also developing allergies. Traditional thinking is that fury pets cause or trigger allergies in such children.


Israeli breakthrough in non-invasive prostate cancer test

New-generation cytopathological staining platform could be a reliable diagnostic tool to help determine whether and when to perform a prostate biopsy. Called CellDetect, trials for accurate cancer detection, demonstrated successful detection of prostate cancer cells in urine samples with 91.3% sensitivity and 75% specificity. Current screening tests for prostate cancer deliver a high rate of false positive results (as low as 25% specificity), leading to unnecessary invasive diagnostic tests such as biopsies. CellDetect has proven effective in diagnosing cervical and bladder cancer and it is expected that the technology can be implemented for use in additional cancer detection indications. For the prostate cancer indication, a blinded study is planned to confirm these exciting findings.  ~ Israel21c…


Organic Versus Conventional – What New Research Shows.

Debate on organic versus conventional produce and relative health benefits has been going for decades. The good news is we now have enough medical studies to help us make a more educated decision.  The “definitive study” on organic versus conventional produce was published in the prestigious British Medical Journal. It combined the results of the 343 smaller studies comparing organic to non-organic produce.  The main three findings of this study are: Organic produce has more antioxidants. Organic produce has 4 times less pesticide residue. Organic produce has less of the toxic metal, cadmium. So how is this important? In many medical studies, there is evidence that more antioxidants from food may decrease your risk of cancer, heart disease, and dementia. Experts still can’t agree if the pesticides you are exposed to with…