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7 Great Reasons Why You Should Include Ginger in Your Weekly Diet

Chinese and Ayurveda medicine have been using ginger for medicinal and healing purposes for centuries. In the west it has been recognized as a good natural food flavoring however somewhat over looked in most households as a good medicinal food to include as a staple ingredient.


Do you need to get back in shape?

Here is a 4 Week Plan to Kick Start Your Exercise in 2018.


Yoga Could Be the Answer for Chronic Low Back Pain

Yoga may lessen pain and improve function in patients with chronic, nonspecific low back pain, a new Cochrane review suggests. Low back pain is a common and potentially disabling condition. Researchers calculate that 38.9% -85% of people will suffer lower back pain in their lifetime. Low back pain is associated with loss of work productivity, poor quality of life, and high medical expenses. And it represents a substantial economic burden on society.…


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Brisbane Physiotherapist Sean Thomson commonly treats shoulder pain and explains there can be many causes and just as many effective treatments. When nerves are compressed however, the signs and symptoms are unique to a condition referred to as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). The thoracic outlet, is the space between the clavicle, first rib and manubrium (upper sternum).  This space is dynamic and therefore changes in size with the movement of the shoulder. Thoracic outlet syndrome represents a diverse group of disorders that have one feature in common, the compression of any one or more of the neurovascular structures traversing through the thoracic outlet space (brachial plexus, subclavian vein/artery). There are three types of thoracic outlet syndrome which are caused by three different physiological scenarios each resulting in similar pain and restriction for the patient but…


How Social Media Influences and Impacts Our Health

Social media is really handy to see what our friends are up to with a few swipes on our phones and to capture and share special events in our busy lives. Once in a blue moon you might even watch an inspiring or uplifting video or laugh out loud watching some most unfortunate mishap videos. Sensis data reveals, “More than a third of people now access social media more than five times per day (35%), which is up from 26% just last year. This begs the question, how much is too much?  


Why Fewer Toys Leads to Better Play

Albert Einstein as a boy played with simple building blocks which some feel had a considerable effect on the way he thought later in life.  He famously said "Imagination is everything”. A lot of educators like renowned child educator, Maria Montessori tend to agree. She shares, “Play is the child’s work.” Children are not just playing when they play, but they are working. Play is an important part of child development, and the types of toys that a child interacts with shapes their understanding of the world around them. Toys are the tools children use to accomplish their work, but it is best for the number of toys that a child has to be limited. 


When you’re tired, your brain actually does slow down

New international research shows that sleep deprivation disrupts and slows normal neural activity in specific regions of the brain. Israeli researchers have discovered it doesn’t just slow down our reactions, it also slows down individual neurons in our brain.


Volunteer To Aid Medical Science

It is well known that exercise has a positive influence on cognitive function during ageing. However, the optimal dose, intensity and duration of exercise for improving cognitive function is not known, nor are the mechanisms by which exercise may prevent or even reverse cognitive decline. Join our study to help identify the ‘sweet spot’ for exercise and memory. How much is enough? How much is too little?


Turning 40, Planning for 100

My Uncle Joe was ahead of his time. One day during the year he turned 96, he strode into the living room where my family was gathered, his head high and chest out, and shook everyone's hand in greeting. When my turn came, his grip felt like a vice closing on my fingers. I said, "Uncle Joe, you're almost 100 years old. How have you stayed so strong?" "I get up every day at 5:30," he said. "I spend a half hour on callisthenics. I eat bran and fruit. Then I play 18 holes of golf, walking from one hole to the other." When we turn 40, we cannot afford to say, 'I'm too old now to be an athlete.' Instead, we need to start training for the next 60 years of physical…


Live Healthier With Wood

We live in a slick world where trends to make our homes appear fresh and modern influence the materials we use. To what effect does this influence our health and moods? While your new home or renovation might wow your friends with glistening tiled floors, vivid white walls and sleek modern minimalistic furniture, you may be depriving your body and brain of some important health benefits associated with building and furnishing with wood.



Are You Mood-Hungry? 5 Foods to Boost Your Mood and Stop Overeating

According to dietician Jane Jakubczak at the University of Maryland, negative emotions cause 75% of overeating. Reasons for “emotional eating” include past trauma, chronic or short-term stress, mood disorders like anxiety and depression, and low self-esteem. A survey of 9,125 U.S. adults conducted by Dr Gregory E. Simon, MD, MPH, at Seattle’s Group Health Cooperative showed that people who are obese are 25% more likely to have mood and anxiety disorders. People who overeat for these reasons may find themselves caught in a vicious cycle. They overeat because they feel bad, and they feel bad because they overeat.


Hepatitis: A contamination From Berries Just The Tip Of Giant Imported Food Iceberg

Saving money when shopping for groceries is like a national sport for most Australian families, but what is the hidden risk and cost to our health and environment?  


Harvard Sites Chiropractic For Pain Relief

Scientific research into pain and what precisely causes it has come a long way in the past decade. This advance in understanding helps demystify why modalities like Chiropractic care works and has steadily grown in popularity in Australia.  


The Truth About Superfoods And Anti-Ageing Products

The concept of ‘Superfoods is both misleading and controversial but because it is now a multi- billion dollar industry fueled by a growing desire to slow ageing (cosmetically most earnestly) it’s unlikely to slow down any time soon.  


Improving Fertility Problems Naturally

Problems with infertility in men and women have been steadily on the rise over the past few decades. The fertility society of Australia estimates that one in six couples are having trouble with fertility.  Practitioners are seeing a rise in couples who have been struggling to conceive, simply give up hope as a result of feeling emotionally and physically drained.  Both men and especially women go through an array of tests, invasive procedures and treatments (which takes its toll on their physical and mental state.)  Adding to the problem some surgical procedures to treat certain conditions of infertility may lead to even further damage of the fallopian tubes and ovaries.    What is causing this rise in infertility?w


Science Seeks Clues for Acupuncture's Success

Learn how acupuncture might help when Western medicine doesn't have an answer.


Fathers Have an Impressive Effect on Children's Health

It is not surprising that paediatricians try to encourage fathers to play an early role in the care of their children. Research clearly shows the developmental and health benefits good father figures play in raising children.


Major Shift In Human Health Research

There is a major shift occurring among the leading scientists and researchers with regard to human health.  In the New York Times Magazine cover article (May 17, 2013) , Michael Pollan does a great job assembling some of this research and letting us know why it is critical of each of us to understand it. 


Bad Luck; Black Cats Or Broken Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

Dread of cats, especially black cats, first arose in Europe in the Middle Ages, particularly in England. The cat's characteristic independence, willfulness, and stealth, coupled with its sudden overpopulation in major cities, contributed to its fall from grace. Alley cats were often fed by poor, lonely old ladies, and when witch hysteria struck Europe, and many of these homeless women were accused of practicing black magic, their cat companions (especially black ones) were deemed guilty of witchery by association.


How To Keep Your Immune System Strong With Homeopathy This Winter

There is a chill that we can feel in the air telling us that winter is slowly creeping closer.  We have cosy evenings to look forward to of sitting at the fire place, having a relaxing warm bath or having a snooze under a soft blanket.  But unfortunately the peak of flu season is coming closer and a new flu strain has arrived.