Be Aware of April Falls Day/Month ®

January 13, 2018
be aware of april falls day.jpg

If you or your parents are over 65 and have had a fall recently or find balance and dexterity an increasing issue don’t ignore it, only one fall is all it takes to force them into a nursing home and in fact is often life threatening.

According to the Clinical Excellence Commission more than one in three people aged 65 or over fall at least once a year and many fall more often. Falls are even more common among residents of aged care facilities, up to half of whom fall at least once a year.

Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiologists can assess and prescribe exercises that can help to prevent falls and improve chances for longer independent living. 

Make an appointment this April and get assessed for your fall risk. If you are female and know your bone density is poor make it a priority. Broken hips are a very common result of falls and many don’t ever recover fully. 

Activates like walking are good for general health and fitness but do not help prevent falls, specific muscle strengthening and balance exercises that you can do at home can improve your mobility and safety significantly.