Greg Gardiner

B.S. Sc. Psych, Hon, Dipl. Comm Coun.

Greg developed a curiosity about people in his early years that eventually went on to become a fascination about human functioning behaviour.  He has found there are solutions to many chronic health conditions, and he enjoys journeying with those who have the courage, toward better life outcomes for themselves and their loved ones.  He finds offering hope to the hopeless very rewarding. Helping people recover who were previously told there was no hope, is an incredible journey for Greg to take with his clients.  

Greg enjoys the wonders of natural things, and finding straight forward natural solutions to complex conditions.  His faith in health solutions, is helpful to those who have given up on ever finding the right help, after experiencing prolonged helplessness in private pain and despair.  Greg enjoys the surprise on his clients faces, when they realise, that with the right help, it is possible to return to wellness.  His special interests include; coping and human resilience, trauma and significant life disruption, and implementing Human Activation Strategies.