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Amy Heales


Amy is not currently taking on any new patients. From a young age, Amy has been passionate about helping people.  Her caring approach, coupled with a love for science and health, made it a natural progression for her to study Medicine and become a GP.  Amy is interested in all aspects of general practice, but especially enjoys being a shoulder of support for new mums, to help them make sense of the information and advice that can be overwhelming in the newborn period. 

She is a mum of 2 young boys herself and enjoys sharing her experiences with her patients. Amy loves empowering new mums, and all of her patients, to find their own feet. Being a good listener enables Amy to really connect with people and genuinely help them feel better.  She believes it is a privilege to be a family doctor and embraces the challenge of integrating evidence-based medicine with patient preferences to develop a unique plan to address their individual health needs.  Amy’s special interests include: Women’s Health, Infant Health and Development, Mental Health, Skin Checks and Lifestyle Medicine.