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Dr Wayne Haynes

DC DO PhD (UC) Movement and Cognition

As a young adult, Wayne was a talented squash player for NSW.  After sustaining a significant ankle injury, he received terrific relief and treatment from an Osteopath and Chiropractor.  This experience began his love for everything musculoskeletal.  Wayne is passionate about helping people who have been hindered by pain and its cascading consequences.  He is persistent and enquiring in finding best outcomes, and also believes doing simple things in musculoskeletal therapy can result in dramatic and positive effects on people’s lives. 

Wayne has previously worked in busy private practice in Albury (clinic he started) and in Canberra and has previously worked as a consultant for Geelong football club, Adam Scott and other elite sports people. His NHMRC sponsored doctorate examined the benefits of physical activity, particularly in developing thinking skills and from his research sees movement as "medicine". Wayne has also spent time working in public health in a number of roles. Wayne’s special interests include low back pain, headaches and attitudes to low levels of physical activity and its impact on lifespan.