A photo of Julia Tyack, a chiropractor at Tyack Health Manly West and Sunshine Coast

Julia Tyack

Clinic Founder

In 1968, Julia founded Tyack Health. She’d decided to alter the status quo of the health care system – change was needed. But like all things health related, it took a little time…

As a Chiropractor, with a strong belief in using the body’s own recuperative powers to heal itself, Julia had realised that alone, she could do little to overcome the complexity of some health issues. The web was too tangled. Treating patients by herself, there was some improvement, but she knew she needed a different approach, to get the results her patients needed.

What changed? She discovered the power of using the right team, working together, in the right ways. On that founding principle, Tyack Health now provides integrated, evidence-based treatment and helps people feel better, for life.