Jason d'Hotman.png

Jason d'Hotman de Villiers

MTECH: Chiro. MSc Chiro. Paed.

Jason feels blessed to be involved in his patients’ lives, understanding it is a privileged and trusted place to be.  Jason believes that as a Chiropractor, he can help relieve suffering, giving patients hope often when they feel like all hope has been lost.  Pain and sleep deprivation can be very distressing and for Jason to help people through that, to find joy in their lives, is extremely rewarding.  His patients often want to return for follow ups happily because they know the care they receive benefits their health. 

Jason treats using a gentle effective technique known as neuroimpulse protocol (NIP) rather than doing manual adjustments (manipulation of joints), he uses a brain-based chiropractic technique involving biomechanics, anatomy, neurology and pain science. NIP identifies where the body needs to be corrected to allow the brain to restore normal movement, strength and function.  Jason’s special interests include paediatrics from infancy, pregnancy and postpartum, spinal pain and headaches.