How To Stay Well This Easter

January 12, 2018
stay well easter.jpg
  • Aim for 8 hours sleep each night, avoid burning the midnight oil trying to organise everything last minute. Lack of sleep depletes your immunity and seriously affects reaction times when driving. Overtired drivers are equivalent to driving drunk. Don’t become a statistic this Easter.
  • Avoid sugar; save your families Easter eggs instead of eating some each day leading up to Easter and avoid other sugary foods including sweet hot cross buns and sugary drinks leading up to Easter. Sugar compromises your white blood cells that help fight off infections.
  • Quarantine yourself from work colleagues, friends and family who let you know they have someone sick in their families. If you must be around them wash your hands with soap after contact and avoid kissing infected people or touching your hands to your face after shaking hands. Contact with germs are usually airborne from coughing, sneezing or direct contact with infectious surfaces.
  • Exercise daily; Make sure you get a least 20 minutes of fresh air, exercise and sunshine each day (early or late in the day when harmful UV rays are low). Exercise is one of the best immune boosters and exercise helps reduces stress which can undermine the immune system. 
  • Avoid fast-food and alcohol as they both effect the immune system and set you up for poor sleep patterns. They also deplete energy levels and affect mood and concentration so you’ll be less likely to get organised effectively or efficiently.

The team at Tyack Health wish you a safe, memorable and well Easter.