Foods That May Age You

October 20, 2020

Most Margarines, especially the solid kind, have trans fats. They raise your “bad” cholesterol, lower your “good” kind, and create inflammation throughout your body.


Sodas and Energy Drinks - The more sodas and energy drinks you consume, the quicker the cells in your tissues age. The high sugar content leads to weight gain and a higher risk of stroke and dementia.  


Alcohol dehydrates you. This makes a big impact on your skin, which is 63% water. When you don’t get enough hydration, your skin looks and feels dry, and can’t defend itself against wrinkles.


Processed meats, like pepperoni, bacon, sausage, ham, and deli cuts, are smoked, cured, or salted so they’ll last longer. The sodium and chemical preservatives cause inflammation that can wear your body down inside and out.


Fried Foods are cooked in boiling oil. That promotes free radicals or unstable molecules that damage other molecules in your cells and add years to your skin


Baked Foods like cookies and cakes are high in artery-clogging fat and sugar that put on the pounds. This can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and tooth decay. Inflammation is another reason to skip that sundae. The more inflammation you have, the higher your chances of arthritis, depression, Alzheimer’s and some cancers.


Charred Meats from frying or grilling at high temps creates advanced glycation end products or AGEs. High amounts from charred meats cause inflammation that “inflammages” your body and triggers heart disease and diabetes.


High-Fructose Corn Syrup sweetens sodas and fruit drinks. It interferes with your body’s ability to use copper, which helps you form the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin healthy. It’s also full of calories and puts you at risk for diabetes and heart disease.


Caffeine is a diuretic: It stimulates your brain and your need to urinate. This can cause dehydration which stops your skin releasing toxins. It also makes you more prone to dry skin, psoriasis, and wrinkles.

- WebMD