Eating Nuts Does Not Lead to Weight Gain

March 04, 2019

There is loads of conflicting dietary information bombarding us to eat more of this and less of that. One such food group that is poorly understood by many consumers is nuts. Because they are high in both Fats and Calories many weight conscious individuals choose to avoid them. The evidence is that is unnecessary and eating nuts is more likely to assist in losing weight rather than gaining weight.

Studies that looked over a long period at people's eating habits and body weight have found people who regularly eat nuts tend to gain less weight over time than people who don't.

Similar patterns in clinical studies that asked people to include nuts in their diet and then looked at the effects on body weight. Positive effects were observed more often.

A review of more than 30 studies did not find people who ate nuts had increased their body weight, body mass index (BMI), or waist circumference, compared to a control group of people who did not eat nuts. In fact, one study found that when people ate a pattern of food aimed at weight loss, the group of people who ate nuts lost more body fat than those who didn't eat nuts. 

– ABC News Feb 19