Cancer Prevention Top 3: Don’t Smoke, Don’t Drink, Keep Healthy Weight

November 06, 2018

This latest cancer prevention study highlights the top three risk factors that we all need to act on.

In the USA cancer directly related to smoking still attributed to 19.4% of cancer deaths. "Smoking remains the number one cause of mortality in the United States” said Dr Susan Gapstur, “despite evidence from more than 6 decades.”

Approximately 7.8% of cancer cases are attributed to excess body fat. This was not just obese people but also overweight individuals.

The third most important modifiable risk factor is alcohol. "I think this is something that is really underappreciated as a risk factor, because people don't like to talk about it or think about it. But it's important to know that it accounts for more than 16% of all breast cancers in women," Gapster said.

In Australia 41% drink every week, 6% drink every day and 23% don’t drink at all.

Overweight individuals, but more especially women, who smoke and drink, can significantly reduce their risk of cancer by modifying all three threats to their health. -  Medscape Online