Alanna Mylne's LSH Tips

July 06, 2018
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What are your TOP 3 recommendations for patients to become Lighter, Stronger, Happier?

  1. Investigate what feels right for you and your body – and do that.
  2. Try new things (activities, food, exercise regimes, supplements) to see what they have to offer before dismissing any ideas.
  3. Be kind to yourself – treat yourself like a friend and make good choices for you.

What are the TOP 3 things that have worked for you to become Lighter, Stronger, and Happier?

  1. Yoga – lighter and stronger in body and mind!
  2. Smiling – it’s hard to feel heavy, sad and low with a grin on your face.
  3. Decluttering – I find it hard to discard things, but every time I do, I find it lightens my visual space/home as well as my mind!

What are the TOP 3 things that you do to maintain feeling Lighter, Stronger, Happier?

  1. Eat well – nourishing foods that make my body feel good.
  2. Move – a walk, an exercise class or even just a boogie around the house to a favourite song.
  3. Sleep – EVERYTHING works better with adequate rest – my mind, my mood, my coordination and my motivation!