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What are the benefits?

Do you feel sore, stiff and generally achy? Have you lost the spring in your step? These classes can restore your ease of movement and keep you active as you age.

• Learn about the Fascial System
• Use simple, effective movements to care for your feet and body to enhance your daily activities.
• Develop fluid and efficient movement which is achieved through optimising the fascial tissue and the fine coordination of the nervous system.
• Understand how to take the info you learn in class to perform any daily task with a more refined, fluent orchestration of movement providing a more comfortable experience.

Andrea Randall   

Andrea Randall ~ Your Instructor

Andrea Randall is a Structural Integration Therapist, Musculoskeletal Therapist, Somatics Coach and Fascial Fitness Trainer. Andrea has trained with Mary Bond, specialising in working with feet and Blandine Callaise-Germain, specialising in working with the rib cage.

Andrea's understanding of how the fascial and nervous systems work in movement allows her to help you identify patterns of movement that are restricting you and guide you to create fluent moves.

Class Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $25 / Class
Introductory Offer: $20 / Class
What to wear: Comfortable clothing
It is important to learn the basics at the 4 introductory weekly classes.
All materials are provided. A pack can be purchased for $40

Let's Talk Fascia...

The Fascial system is an integrated network of connective tissue (fascia) that wraps around every muscle fibre. It is the substance that gives your body structure and integrity - without it, you would be a pile of bones and muscles on the floor.

Approximately two thirds of the volume of fascial tissues is made up of water. Similar to a sponge in a bowl of water, fascia can only absorb a certain amount of water until it is squeezed to remove old water and then allow it to be filled with new fluid. Applying pressure with balls, foam rollers and micro-movement allows the fascial tissues to be rehydrated.

Fascia is like an endless web or stocking throughout our body, when one part is stuck, it can pull the rest of the tissue. For this reason, when the fascia of the feet is released, the calves, hamstrings, back and base of the skull can all receive benefit.

What do you do in a class?

• Wake up your feet: Your feet are your foundation to healthy posture. It is essential to pay attention to them in order to move better. Using balls and other materials we will release the feet to allow them to move more fully.
• Load: Loading the fascial system with specific movements changes the structure, length and hydration of the tissues so that your body can be more resilient.
• Fascial Release: Using foam rollers and balls to unglue and hydrate your fascial tissues.
• Pandiculations: A safe way to restore your myofascial tissues to their full function and optimal length. It is like an enjoyable yawn for your whole body.
• Sensory Integration: Knowing where you are and what is going on enables you to have a more healthy posture response. Using your senses you can make subtle changes to your posture.

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