We invite you to experience the Tyack Health difference. You will discover a dedicated team, committed to helping you get more out of life.

Our aim is to offer you the most effective research supported health solutions available. This involves addressing the underlying cause of problems and not just treating the symptoms.

You will also benefit from the diversity and size of our team which allows us to provide the support, guidance and expertise you need for a prompt recovery. Further, we aim to give you the tools to help prevent the issues returning.

Tyack Health endorses a preventative medicine approach to health, educating and encouraging our patients to be proactive in living lifestyles that promote vitality.

Latest Health News:

In 2009 a study of more than 17,000 Canadians published by Dr Peter Katzmarzyk and colleagues at the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre found links between time spent sitting and mortality. “Individuals who sat the most were roughly 50% more likely to die during the follow-up period than individuals who sat the least, even after controlling for age, smoking, and physical activity levels.”...Read more.

Two new studies conclude that low protein intake may hold the key to a long and healthy life, at least until old age. They also emphasize the need to examine not only calories when deciding what constitutes a healthy diet, but also where those calories come from - such as whether protein is animal or plant-based...Read more.

Tyack Health supports a Griffith University masters student whose health initiative, the “Stand Up for Lunch” campaign, is trying to encourage people to stand more regularly during their workday. So make sure you Stand Up for Lunch!!...Read more.

Tyack Health is texting a small number of our recent patients requesting they give permission to participate in a small Customer Experience survey. This is to get feedback on how our patients feel about Tyack Health and we would really appreciate your help if contacted. This involves a short phone survey, all your comments are confidential and remain anonymous. Please respond with Y to our text message if you can help us. The only information provided to SAGUITY Research if you agree is your name and number. They are acting on our behalf and this is a small sample of our clients, so only a few will be contacted. As a courtesy we want to let you know just in case. You can very easily reject the call if you are too busy when they call. Thanks so much for your support – Tyack Health...Read more.

"The key advance from this research is that it suggests that very early developmental processes lead to autism," said Dr. Frazier. "The findings support genetic disruptions leading to brain disorganization or possibly very early interactions between genes and the prenatal environment."...Read more.

The researchers calculate the global age-standardized prevalence of Lower Back Pain in 2010 to be at 9.4% of the population. Low back pain (LBP) causes more disability globally than any other condition, according to 2 studies published online January 30 and March 24 in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. As the world population continues to age, an urgent need exists for research to find out why and how LBP might be prevented or better managed, researchers write...Read more.

Rachel Johnson - Child Psychologist

Rachel has 8 years experience working with children, young people, adults and their families. Rachel has worked across diverse settings including community organisations and public mental health. She has experience treating complex mental and developmental concerns. Her practice framework encompasses a belief in human dignity and empowering clients through a strong therapeutic alliance...Read more.

This controversy has gone on for more than 70 years according to Dr. Sandra Fryhofer. Can vitamin C work for preventing and treating colds? A study was recently published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. This study has uncovered some interesting and significant findings...Read more.

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