We invite you to experience the Tyack Health difference. You will discover a dedicated team, committed to helping you get more out of life.

Our aim is to offer you the most effective research supported health solutions available. This involves addressing the underlying cause of problems and not just treating the symptoms.

You will also benefit from the diversity and size of our team which allows us to provide the support, guidance and expertise you need for a prompt recovery. Further, we aim to give you the tools to help prevent the issues returning.

Tyack Health endorses a preventative medicine approach to health, educating and encouraging our patients to be proactive in living lifestyles that promote vitality.

Latest Health News:

The freedoms today’s parents enjoyed in their childhood are no longer the norm, in fact they are now a crime in some states of America. Police in Maryland picked up siblings aged 10 and 6 years old who were found walking home from a local park. The parents were later found guilty of unsubstantiated child neglect by the state’s Child Protective Services. The parents were trying to make their children more independent by allowing them this freedom...Read more.

No matter what you do, one of the most stressful things is a bulging ‘Must Do List’ you carry around in your head that never gets finished, gets longer by the day and more and more items become super urgent. That’s right you’re STRESSED all the time and feel out of control. When your brain is preoccupied trying to remember your long list of priorities you become less and less productive or focussed when trying to get things done...Read more.

People who take multiple courses of antibiotics may face an increased risk of developing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, potentially through alterations in gut microbiota, conclude US researchers...Read more.

A 56-year-old U.S. man who suddenly developed weakness, fatigue and body aches is leading doctors to warn that massive consumption of tea may be responsible for some unexplained cases of kidney failure. Reported online in the New England Journal of Medicine April 1, it was referred to as iced-tea nephropathy. This man needed permanent dialysis because his kidney damage was so extensive...Read more.

A 60-year-old man presented with typical angina and had a positive stress test. He declined both drug therapy and invasive testing. Instead, he chose to adopt a whole-food plant-based diet, which consisted primarily of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, potatoes, beans, legumes, and nuts...Read more.

“What if the world isn’t giving me what I want because, based on all my distraction and lack of discipline towards a goal, it’s simply unclear what I am asking for?”- Brendon Burchard (from the book The Motivation Manifesto)...Read more.

Rachel has 8 years experience working with children, young people, adults and their families. Rachel has worked across diverse settings including community organisations and public mental health. She has experience treating complex mental and developmental concerns. Her practice framework encompasses a belief in human dignity and empowering clients through a strong therapeutic alliance...Read more.

On average Australians consume 27 tea spoons of sugar a day. The recommended healthy maximum amount is just 6 teaspoons for adults. If we follow the upward trend of sugar consumption that has increased 300% since 1770 when only the rich could afford it. Our future consumption rate is tending in the path of our fellow Americas who according to The Kolp Institute, the average American child consumes over 32 teaspoons of sugar a day, and the average teenage male now consumes more than 42 teaspoons of sugar per day. More than half of Americans consume 53 teaspoons of sugar a day...Read more.

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