Are You In The Diabetes Queue? - Type 2 Diabetes Rates Quadruple Worldwide Since 1980 - June 2016

With obesity now more common than underweight worldwide, the number of adults with diabetes has reached almost 450 million worldwide, and low- and middle-income countries have experienced the fastest increases, according to new calculations released by the World Health Organization. Worldwide we need to "Beat Diabetes."

This marked increase is inextricably linked to the staggering rise in obesity worldwide, featured most recently in another Lancet publication, with more men than women, representing a shift from 1980, when it was the other way around. The highest prevalence's of diabetes are currently found in Oceania, the Middle East, and North Africa. In these regions, diabetes prevalence is now five to 10 times higher than in Western and Northern Europe, which have the lowest prevalence rate.

If current trends continue, over 700 million people will be afflicted with diabetes worldwide by 2025, with 10.4% of women and 12.8% of men affected.

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