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Janelle Twine

Adv. Dip. (Nat, Nut, WHM)

Janelle has always had an interest in health.  She struggled with eczema and acne growing up and completed her first liver cleanse whilst in highschool, in order to address her skin problems.  Fast forward many years, after time spent working as a primary school teacher and then travelling around Australia, her struggles with eczema, which covered her whole body, lead her down a much more involved alternative healing path.  It was on her journey that she learnt more about homeopathy, nutrition, gut health and fasting.  

Janelle is motivated to guide and inspire individuals to recognise and ‘feel’ how it feels to be healthy.  Janelle also appreciates, respects and acknowledges the emotional layer (or metaphysical element) of wellness when treating her clients.  Energetic medicine fascinates Janelle while focusing on the simple principles of healthy living – fasting, whole foods and nutrition, the potency of sunshine, hydration, meditation, movement and healthy relationships.  Janelle’s special interests include treating eczema, acne, psoriasis, digestion, detox and cleansing, plus chemical-free living to support healthy hormones.