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Malavika Susarla


Malavika is not currently taking on any new patients. Malavika was fortunate enough to learn at a young age that good health is a privilege.  Having seen so much poverty as a young child in India and learning that many people did not have access to medical care, made her determined to help people.  She believes General Practice is an art form, meeting so many patients who see life from different points of view, both challenges and rewards Malavika to contribute positively to improve her patients healthcare needs and overall quality of life.    

Malavika enjoys a relaxed consultation style with time to talk through issues, helping her patients to feel at ease.  Malavika’s prime subspecialty interests are in allergy management inclusive of hay fever, asthma, eczema, food allergies and ear nose and throat medicine. She also has special interests in obesity management, lifestyle modification and paediatrics.