Jana Kyte

B.ApSc(Clinical), B.ChiroSc, DACCP

Jana was inspired to embark on her profession after receiving chiropractic therapy for tension headaches as a teenager, and the care felt great.  She feels very privileged to work with families and witness their health improving.  She enjoys seeing clients able to do things they were not able to do in the past because of their pain or lack of function awareness.  Jana draws a sense of achievement in helping people work towards their health goals in natural ways, and empower themselves to take care of their body with healthy choices.  Jana loves seeing children thrive and develop.  Jana has been working in private practice since 2006 providing care to children and their families. She has extensive training and experience in paediatrics and paediatric care is a strong area of clinical interest.   Her special interests include exercise rehabilitation, paediatrics, women’s health, geriatric care, headaches, neck pain and neurodevelopment.

Jana has received postgraduate training in areas of neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS), exercise rehabilitation, pregnancy care, paediatrics and baby massage (first touch program).  Jana has completed a 2-year Postgraduate Chiropractic Paediatric Diplomate Program.  She has also been involved in developing clinical guidelines through the ACCP College for chiropractic paediatric care.   Jana has co-authored "Chiropractic Evidenced Based management of breastfeeding Difficulty" through the ACCP in 2019. She is a great advocate for women's health and healthy lifestyle.