Skin Cancer Apps, Friend or Foe?

September 01, 2021

Apps are becoming a way of life, just ask anyone who is currently dating! Although the developers of Skin cancer apps claim that they can identify problematic moles and lesions accurately, research has shown that this might not be the case. 

2018 Cochrane review looked at two studies with 332 skin lesions, 86 of which were melanomas, after analysis by different apps, 55 melanomas were missed according to Medical News Today. That equates to 63% inaccuracy of actual melanomas. Some apps that sent images to a dermatologist who also missed some of the skin lesions or were unable to analyse them. 

The thing that hurts us most in life, “Is what we know that is not so”. We download an App, scan a suspicious mole and the app says all okay so we forget about it rather than making an appointment to see a doctor and get a skin biopsy done to make sure. Unfortunately, early diagnosis with skin cancer is critical and the reason doctors encourage us to do a monthly self-check for skin changes. Apps may be useful in comparing skin changes but are not needed when taking pictures are just as useful.