Weekend Brain Gym to Ward off Digital Dementia

Use it or lose it, the experts contend. The brain, just like a muscle in our body, can atrophy if we don’t use it the way it was intended.

Overuse of technology is resulting in “Digital Dementia" where there is a breakdown in cognitive abilities similar to people who have suffered a brain injury or psychiatric illness. Thanks to smarter and smarter technologies a lot of the thinking now gets done for us, just ask Siri right! Kids today don’t need to remember phone numbers, or lots of facts that past generations did.

Our brains still need a workout, so to protect ourselves from these concerning conditions experts recommend we plan digital sabbaticals on weekends and on holidays. We need to turn our weekends into brain gyms. The evidence is this will do you and your brain a world of good.

Although it’s not easy or ideal for most of us who are ‘plugged in’ due to our jobs. We need to prioritise some switch off time and weekends are often our best opportunity. Work can – and should – wait. Facebook can wait, so unplug. If we focus instead on having real conversations, reading books, getting out into nature, learning a new hobby, language or music and disconnecting from technology, we will be taking care of our brain health and our emotional health as well.

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