Some people age three times faster than others - November 2015

A ground breaking international study reveals that young adults age at differing rates, and early intervention could slow the ageing process.

“Accelerated aging in young adults predicts the symptoms of advanced aging that we see in older adults: deficits in cognitive and physical functioning, feelings of ill-health, and even an older appearance,” said Dr Salomon Israel. “The ability to measure how quickly a young person is aging may in the future enable us to engage in interventions that slow aging or target specific diseases.”

“This research shows that age-related decline is already happening in young adults who are decades away from developing age-related diseases, and that we can measure it,” said study co-author Salomon Israel, a researcher and senior lecturer in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s department of psychology.

By Abigail Klein Leichman JULY 12, 2015

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