Helpful Hints On Easing Back to School Anxiety - February 2016

School Kid

1. Be excited for your child as they experience and share new things in the first few weeks of being back at school. Build a positive association with school. Try a cheerful song about school to sing on the way there or chat about all the great things that will be happening for them to do at school. Try to contain your own anxiety, as they will sense this and feel the same.

2. Calm and structured morning and night routines help prepare your child for the chaos that school can often bring in the first weeks back. Avoid running late, to avoid the stress it can create.

3. Enough sleep and food are really important, as the school setting is highly stimulating and demands a lot of physical and mental energy. Therefore your child needs good sleep to recharge each night and good nutrition to keep up.

4. Comfort item, let littlies take a comfort object in their bag if it helps them feel secure and happier about going.

5. Pickup location clear so your children know exactly where you will be to pick them up or the routine of how to get home for older children. Have a plan if you get delayed in some unexpected way.

6. After school fun. Plan some wind down time after school to have fun or relax with your child. Depending on their age, they will be craving to be loved and nurtured by you after being away from you all day.

7. Be patient, as your child is likely to be a little tired and irritable in the adjustment of going back to school. Their mind and body is adjusting to a lot of change.

- Tyack Health Child Psychology

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