Cancer Sniffing Dogs to Detect Prostate Cancer - September 2015

In 2009 Dr Guest's Labrador Daisy made her aware that she was suffering from the early stages of breast cancer when she began to nudge Dr. Guest's chest. Daisy, now 11 years old, is one of the dogs taking part in the trials in Milton Keynes. Medical Detection Dogs gained approval from Milton Keynes University Hospital in Britain for further trials, after initial testing showed trained dogs can detect prostate tumors in urine in 93% of cases. Britain's National Health Service recently approved a trial for dogs capable of sniffing out prostate cancer in the hope that it could show up inaccuracies in the current prostate specific antigen (PSA) test. It's long been known that a dog's remarkable sense of smell can detect minute odours known to be associated with many cancers which are understood to be linked to volatile organic compounds produced by malignant cells. - Medscape online

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