Can a Drink a Day Keep the Doctor Away? - May 2016

By Lisa Rapaport, - March 22, 2016

Lots of people think a glass of wine or beer at dinner can help them have a longer and healthier life. But a new study suggests that much of the evidence in favour of moderate drinking may be shaky at best.

Most of the studies compared moderate drinkers - people who had one or two drinks a day - with current abstainers. The problem is the studies didn't account for medical reasons that may have driven abstainers to avoid alcohol, potentially exaggerating the health benefits seen with moderate drinking.

After taking this abstainer bias into account, "our study found no net benefits overall," said lead study author Tim Stockwell, director of the University of Victoria's Center for Addictions Research in British Columbia, Canada.

"People should not drink for health reasons. If they choose to drink - usually for reasons other than health - they should not exceed two drinks on any given day to minimize their health risks." - Reuters Health

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