A Drink a Day Appears to Increase Cancer Risk for all Women and Men Who Smoke - September 2015

A new study, from an analysis of more than 150,000 healthcare professionals in the United States, found that overall, light to moderate drinking (alcohol intake of <15 g/day for women and <30 g/day for men) was associated with a small but non-significant increase in cancer risk in both women and men.

But this risk was more defined in specific populations. In men, the association was apparently driven by tobacco use. But for women, even one drink a day was associated with an increased risk for alcohol-related cancers, primarily breast cancer, and this was unrelated to smoking status.

Dr Jrgen Rehm concludes, "Even when we consider all-cause mortality attributable to alcohol, drinking more than 10 g of pure alcohol per day for women or 20 g for men over a lifetime can lead to a magnitude of risk not considered acceptable for voluntary behaviour in modern societies," - Medscape Online

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